Frozen services :

We have with us requisite infrastructure support as well as rich experience in flawlessly handling services aimed at supporting frozen storage demands. Here, we have with us services of experienced team of professionals who ensure well regulated services are offered to client companies as per the specific/defined storage requirements of the product. Some of the standard features of the frozen service support offered by us include:
• Services provided by qualified and experienced team of professionals
• Services backed by requisite equipment support
• Frozen storage services designed to cater to the requirements of industry sectors like Ice cream, Frozen peas, Frozen foods as well as other products
• Services offered for temperature ranging from -18 degree C to -25 degree C
• Experience of providing services as per standards followed in different industry sectors and also keeping in mind client’s specific instructions/requirements

We have total seven chambers available as per following details :

Chamber I Temperature -18 to -22
Particulars Space in cft Floor (Height) in ft
Ground Floor II 6500 11
Chamber II Temperature -18 to -22
Ground Floor II 3000 11
Chamber III Temperature -18 to -22
Ground Floor IV 4600 10
Chamber IV Temperature -18 to -22
Ground Floor IV 2200 10
Chamber V Temperature -20 to -25
Ground Floor III 2800 9
Chamber VI Temperature -20 to -25
Ground Floor VI 6000 10
Chamber VII Temperature -20 to -25
Ground FloorVII 13500 10